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Author AdamR
Date of release Revised 4 - September 11, 2021 (SC 5.25)
Final - September 3, 2010 (SC 4.5)
.bsp filename polar_rescue


A gang of illegal arms dealers have taken a 5 man team of the world’s finest nuclear specialists hostage to a hideout of theirs in Antarctica. Your Sven Co-op team has been selected specially to rescue them. Knowing the captives well they are likely to refuse working with terrorists or similar even under torture, we have learned that the gang will kill them when they find out they have no use for them.

Stealth is the key in this mission. A guard activating an alarm will massively impair your status.

The gang have also constructed several mini nuclear rockets that are currently being stored in the same hideout. Disable any nuclear equipment on the premises to put a stop on further production.

Be sure to pick up any documents. They will tell us what this gang intends on doing in the near future. You will have to get in secured storage areas to find them.

2 elite soldiers have already been dispatched to the area. Hopefully they will be able to reach you and assist you in your mission, though don't hold your breath for their arrival.

An Osprey helicopter will arrive to extract your team and the hostages once all your objectives are completed and the insertion point is clear. Use a radio to call for the Osprey once your mission is completed.

Your objectives are:

  1. Rescue all hostages before they are executed
  2. Disarm all nuclear weapons
  3. Collect all secret documents
  4. Clear the insertion point for extraction
  5. Radio for an extraction Osprey once you have all hostages in a safe area (radio room)

Rescuing the 5 hostages is your absolute top priority, and you only have 20 minutes before the gang executes them! Failure will denote your redundancy to our elite force — and nobody leaves us, alive.

Additional info


  • The guards are very tough — use all cover available to fight them or you will die quickly
  • If you do not release the hostages from their cells in time (20 minutes), you will fail the mission — ensure you do this before hunting for other tasks to do or exploring
  • If a nuclear missile is destroyed you will all die
  • Getting the hostages to the radio room can be tricky if you have not noticed the portals that take them right there
  • All 5 hostages must be in the radio room to complete the mission
  • Although most key objectives are clearly denoted, some are not — keep your eyes pealed
  • Turkish translated version by ImpossibleTR: http://scmapdb.wikidot.com/local--files/map:polar-rescue/Polar_Rescue_TR.zip
  • There are several secrets on this map, but do not forget the rescue timer — looking for secrets is best left for after the hostages are all safe

Additional credits

Protector for helping me with some new entities

The Sven Co-op team for letting me use the very latest code to make and test this map on

"Polar Day" sky map by [WTF?]Deraj at The Wadfather


Thanks to the following testers for their time helping me test this brilliant map:
(in order of who played the map first)

  • Decca
  • Amnizizizizizizizizizizizizu
  • Dynamite
  • Liberator
  • Shryko
  • Rich-Kane
  • Voltage
  • Retro-Fishino-Mafinao-Garyoako

Known issues

This map requires Sven Co-op 4.5 or later to run because it uses some new entity features from it.

Change log

All versions prior to the main release are only available on the Sven Co-op team SVN. This is due to new code features in which the map depends on to run.


2010 boms boss difficulty:hard losable maze non-linear official official-screlease rescue secrets size:large snow survival svencoop4 svencoop5 timed

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