Portal House Remastered





Portal House Remastered

Author WAR-chorius
Remaster Author Garompa
Date of release Final - May 29, 2024
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After the events of a-soldier-s-tale the Sven Co-op team sent a nuke through the big Race X portal to shut it down with the help of MarphyBlack's squad. Part of the explosion came back through the portal and there were no survivors. Whats worse is that the explosion created a reaction with the portal, disrupting space around it, capturing the ruins of Gamma labs and the sorrounding sectors into a harmonic reflux.
The entire area is now shifting in and out of Xen, and the team is rescued by Luther Johnson's portal device. There is no time to escape the reflux before the area is sent to Xen forever so you must join everyone on a race towards Sector D of Gamma labs where the scientists have set up a working Portal House device to get back to Earth. But it won't be easy.

Additional info

The Portal House map series had a lot of problems, and many servers avoided installing it for several reasons. I wanted to remedy that because it was enjoyable to most people. So I remastered the whole thing.
On top of huge amounts of bug fixes, and file organization, the old story which had default dialogue lines that made no sense at all is now a proper full fledged chapter with sense, themed around the post-Decay events that we never knew: the fates of Keller, Gina and Colette. Join them in this revamped adventure.

NOTE: I didn't bother to properly translate the motd text files much, but anyway nobody reads them

Additional credits

  • Toxagen (Residual point)
  • Andrea "Toadman" (Azure Sheep & Point of View)
  • Koumei Satou (Sweet Half life)
  • Sirkite (Star wars weapon scripts, used for projectiles)
  • Nero (Displacer assassin script)
  • Zorbos (Poke 646 scripts)
  • S@bre (Special Forces grunt models)
  • DeathBog (Mega monster masacre giant.mdl)
  • Garompa (translation and remaster)

Remaster specific credits:

  • Vulcan, P904 and plasmagun models by Cliffton_Vlodhammer, RedSlug and Romka
  • Injured scientist model for Opposing Force scientist by BrussTrigger
  • Vortigaunt Zombie by HEVScientist
  • massn model by BMoore
  • Outerbeast for helping me with the broken scripts
  • Func_YE (bug fixes)



2024 black-mesa community-edit defense featured losable secrets series size:large walkthrough xen

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