Portal House





Portal House

Author WAR-chorius
Date of release Latest - January 18, 2022
Released - December 19, 2014
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I started with this project from 2014 … based on the most played half life mods, you will see the new improvements of the portal house maps and videos.

New enemies, new maps, new weapons and new maps available.

Any bugs or game bugs … please report in the comments.

Your ideas are welcome
I thank and credit the following users:

- Toxagen (Residual point)
- Andrea "Toadman" (Azure Sheep & Point of View)
- Koumei Satou & kmkz (Sweet Half life)
- Sirkite (Star wars weapons)
- Nero0 (Custom NPC Female assassin)
- Zorbos (Sven Coop - Poke 646)
- S@bre (Skin Special Forces - gamebanana.com)
- DeathBog (map Mega monster masacre)
- Garompa & BlueSpark (Traduccion)


PORTAL HOUSE - La Fundacion Moonpresur
Cierra el circulo de la saga mas jugada en homenaje a los mods del universo half life… No quedes fuera de ella!


2014 2022 black-mesa defense secrets series size:large walkthrough xen

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