POW in the Year 3910





POW in the Year 3910

Author Necromancer
Date of release Final - Jul 7th 2012
.bsp filename pow_in_the_year_3910


Prisoner of War in the Year 3910 by Necromancer

Can you escape the Iridium Fortress?…

You are part of the classified military elite known as Redemption 1. After a failed high priority mission (someone must have sneaked information) you awaken to find yourself a prisoner of war in a uber high-tech maximum security facility. Your captors have some of the most advanced technologies and equipment that money can buy, so expect heavy and high-tech resistance. It is suspected back home that you have been KIA. However, your best friend strongly believes that you are still alive. He has appealed to the government to send a task force to rescue you but to no avail. Your friend persists that you have been taken to the "Iridium Fortress." But no one believes him though. The government simply tells him that you have been KIA and dismisses the Fortress immediately. Does the government know something…or is it scared to attack the Fortress…or maybe it just doesn't believe him?

Despite his own family trying to console him he still believes you have been locked up and are being tortured in the Iridium Fortress. So, one night he decides to help you. It is still a mystery as to how he got inside the Iridium Fortress's ventilation system, or even how he got into the Fortress itself, but nevertheless he is above your cell and is trying to help you make the escape that no one has ever successfully accomplished.

He advises you to find an armory with some better weaponry, but he brought what he could from home…his prize weapon given to him as a reward for his last mission. *He warns you that it is not the most powerful weapon, so you should replace it as soon as you can.*

Good luck!

Note about hacking: When hacking a hackable turret you have a 50% chance for success. A successful hack will yield an ally turret. However, a failed hack will inflict an electrical shock. (The turret will be inoperable; neither ally nor enemy since the circuitry is destroyed in a failed hack).

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Ripented to trigger a game_end after a minute in the ending room.

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2012 difficulty:hard escape prison rescue size:medium walkthrough

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