Preperation Y





Preperation Y

Author Alex Roycewicz
Date of release Final - January 5, 2002
.bsp filename preperation_y, preperation_y2, preperation_y3


GET OUT ALIVE!! Make your way through the city and escape at all costs! You are a lonely scientist in a chemical compound which has just gotten flooded by monsters! You break into the nearest armory and team up with any surviving fellow scientists to get the hell out of the lab.

When you get the the Apache, use stealth to avoid it!….Well you can just shoot at it for 30 min if you want…

Use teammates for help! This is a Co-Op map!

Additional info

The Preperation X and Y series was one of the first campaign levels I created for HL1. The levels are meant to be used in SvenCoop, but they can be used in normal HL aswell (although it will be alot harder as the maps were designed for cooperative play). The levels themselves are quite short, but this was done because of the difficulty. It was seen as some of the hardest levels in SvenCoop history, as it would take large amounts of people in order to get through the whole campaign in under 30 minutes.

In some areas, the enemies would have immense amounts of health in order to promote stealth instead of firepower, but some players just didnt care and ended up trying to kill all the enemies anyways (it just took a long, long time). If the player did manage to use stealth, they could get by without killing any of the enemies and beat the level rather quickly. Map scenery ranges from indoor to outdoor, as the players make their way through science facilities, caverns, neighborhoods, stripmalls and finally to the airport where they board a plane and take off.

A merged version of Preperation X/Y is available here.

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2002 series size:medium walkthrough

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