Prisonriot Erosion





Prisonriot Erosion

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Author RNG
Date of release Final - February 24, 2007
.bsp filename prisonriot_erosion


A typical prison escape map, that is basically futuristic and includes cynical hostile enemies, your team's mission is to escape from the inhospitable lock-up, and afterwards… wandering at the corridors and quadrangles that are full of forcible bad cops, guards and turrets. At last egressing the entrance-pit to find the way to escape.

After facing a Barnabus roadblock in the streets, someone stunned you with gasgrenade. Now you find yourselves dumped in unknown prison complex underground. Suddenly, there is alarm sounding somewhere near, a jail riot against prison security.

Simply escape from the complex, there can be prisoners on the way because of the riot.

Additional info

  • A minimum of 2 players is required.
  • The map is a effortless quickie
  • Development of a sequel, Prisonriot Erosion 2.0 Hyperpipewrenchcarnage started after first version of Sewer Systematic: Toxicidia Sektor 516 being finished. Although the map series is still not finished because of outdated content and lack of inspirations

Additional credits



Small fix (by Garompa)(19 October 2022):

  • Added a tiny fix: Map now ends instead of trying to change level to stadium3
  • Added tiny fixes: Changed info_player_starts to info_player_deathmatchs


2007 co-oprequired community-edit difficulty:hard escape size:medium walkthrough

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