Deathrun Straight Line





Deathrun Straight Line

Author Mohamed_DZ "Neo"
Date of release Version 1.0 - December 28, 2023


  • A Deathrun map inspired from a mobile game for Sven Co-op (work in-progress)
  • 2-4 Players at least
  • 12 Players or less recommended

Additional info

  • Deathrun is a gamemode which is about two teams : Red Team (lets call them Trappers) who uses traps and kill the other team if possible.

And another team (lets call them the Runners) who tries to stay alive and reaches the end to eliminate the other team (Trappers).

  • The Runners (Blue Team) must rush to the end while avoiding traps where they can find weapons and kill the Trappers (Red Team)
  • The Trappers (Red Team) must prevent the Runners (Blue Team) from reach the end and killing them

Additional credits

Thanks To Anyone who helped me from the HL/SC Community

Outerbeast, Mikk And Sparks - For Giving useful informations in mapping that helped me A lot
wootguy - For bspguy and other Plugins
Game Banana - For Many useful prefabs!
Trempler Most of his prefabs are on this map

And Special thanks To My Friends from Game Switch Community for Testing v1.1!

Additional Note

This remake was not Tested with Players so Likely there are going to be some Bugs and Unbalances that i'll do my best to Fix



2021 fun pvp size:large traps

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