PvP Hunger Games Pyramids
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PvP Hunger Games Pyramids

Author Mohamed_DZ
Date of release Version And Date: Beta - May 03, 2021
.bsp filename pvp_hg_pyramids


The map is basically a mix between Hunger Games which is fight until last standing and Pvp which is fight between other players
Its simple…once you spawned rush to the pyramids and collect as much weapons you can carry and eliminate all the players until you'll be the last standing player.

Additional info

1- The Third-Person is disabled due the pvp script to pretend cheating D:<
2- Droping weapons is disabled to pretend teaming
3- In the center of the map (inside the pyramids) you will find good loot and a portal which leads you back outside
4- All weapons/items had model of WeaponBox which means you can sell the weapon/item that you will get
5- All Weapons/items default respawn delay is 60 secounds
6- Once you killed or get killed the weapon box will be dropped which includes the last weapon the player was carrying
7- And Most importantly…you're health will be automatically generated, so no need to get medkit by cheats to heal others…
8- That's All i guess…i have no more infos

Additional credits

Outerbeast - For info in mapping guild and help
wootguy - For bspguy and others plugins

And special thanks for who helped/tested in making this beautiful map <3



2021 abandoned egypt pvp size:medium

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