PVP Secretum





PVP Secretum

Author Twitch
Date of release Beta - May 15, 2019
.bsp filename pvp_secretum


Super secret secrets are everywhere. Once you gain entrance,

you will have the option to trigger traps to those that wonder into the kill zones.

Beware, you might think you are hidden but there are eyes behind every wall.

This map is made for three teams (3v3). One team in the main area, one team in the first layer

of secrets and the third in the final layer of secrets. There are three main areas to this map.

Sprites for teleporters have been removed to make room for other entities.

Many new custom textures were made to animate the teleporter pads. Teleporter

textures are what makes the filesize so large. All textures are embedded in the map file.

Very resource intensive map. I reached some of the limits for mapping on the Goldsrc engine.

New textures, new secrets. This map is mostly played on a lan server and was never

meant to be played by the masses. There is only one truly secure secret area in the map

but at least three different ways to enter that area. Please do not message me and ask for

the code to the door.

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