Ragemap 2012





Ragemap 2012

Author Nih, Puchi, Protector, RNG, JPolito, JaF, Tuesday's Avenger, StreamFox, CubicVirtuoso, Aurora, Prinzmetal, Zombiner, Mutant, Maiten, Hezus, Dynamite, Keen, Walter, g1l, AzShadow, Silencer, Zorbos, El Gringo
Date of release May 7, 2012
Fix released Ripent v2 - August 7, 2016
.bsp filename ragemap2012, ragemap2012_2


This map was made in pieces and put together over time by the mapping community here at the Sven Co-op Forums. Each mapper built their own section in an hour or less and passed it on to the next mapper who built upon what was already made. The result is an extremely diverse map, with many different themes and mini-missions distributed throughout. This idea was originally put forth in Ragemap (2007)).


You and your fellow players have been called in to assist the science team with defeating a gigantic creature that they were unable to destroy. Your objective is to find this beast and terminate it. Your journey will be long and hard, and filled with dangers. You will have to penetrate territory controlled by hordes of creatures hostile to your cause, and you must find ways to deal with the many obstacles and defenses erected along the way.

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Additional credits

Boss Battle Credits:
JPolito - Arena design and entity setup
WAR_Nuker - Models and animations
Tuesday's Avenger - 'Big Daddy' entity setup

Map Finalization and Bug Fixing:
Nih and JPolito

Beta Test Organization and Bug Reports:



2012 co-oprequired defense fun horde nsfw puzzle ragemap rmf series size:large walkthrough

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