Ragemap 2022



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Ragemap 2022

Author Hezus, BonkTurnip, Descen, SV BOY, I_ka, Erty, AlexCorruptor, AdamR, gruntzz, Trempler
Date of release December 4th, 2022
.bsp filename ragemap2022a, ragemap2022b, ragemap2022c


Another instalment of the RAGEMAP! This year the theme is FEET! Rage your way through various puzzles and challenges for that feety button.

4-16 players recommended.
Each section within a part is played in a random order, with exception of the ending.

Additional info

A map collab by Hezus, BonkTurnip, Descen, SV BOY, I_ka, Erty, AlexCorruptor, AdamR, gruntzz, and Trempler.

Additional credits

Part A

Part B

Part C

Special thanks to:

  • Hezus for organising the project and putting up with all our crap mapping.
  • Gauna for an epic collection of models and sprites.
  • Erty for also fixing mistakes in our crap mapping.
  • R.C. for scripting Trempler's part.
  • Double barrel shotgun on BonkTurnip's part: Mesh by Tripwire Interactive, animations by Myzombiekillerz, textures by Norman and Tripwire.
  • Project scripting by R.C. and AdamR.



2022 co-oprequired difficulty:hard fun horde jumping music puzzle ragemap size:large walkthrough

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