RC's Labyrinth





RC's Labyrinth

Author R.C.
Date of release Final - August 26, 2018
.bsp filename rc_labyrinth


A huge randomly generated labyrinth.
Get a random mission which 4 randomly placed boxes the players have to find and bring to the spawn room.

  • 3 fully custom hostile npcs
  • HEV & Health bot npcs that will follow you around and heal you
  • some walls seem to move from time to time …
  • randomly placed traps (disabled by shooting its fusebox)

Have fun!

Additional Info

1. Difficulty

Chose your difficulty, it affects:
- amount of randomly placed walls placed to build the labyrinth
- amount of randomly placed traps
- amount of randomly placed boss robots
- eventual spawns of additional boss robots during game

2. Labyrinth

The labyrinth consists of:
- a spawn room in the center
- an inner ring of corridors/rooms around the spawn
- 4 connection points to the outer area
- an outer ring of corridors/rooms around the inner ring
- 4 spawning spots for boxes in the inner ring
- 8 spawning spots for boxes in the outer ring (includes a weapon + ammo)
- regulary a random wall disappears, so make sure to check for new routes!

3. Mission

Your mission is to find a combination of 4 colored boxes,
and bring them to their cages in the spawn room.
The mission gets randomly generated each time you play the map.

Additional credits

Special thanks goes to the testers:


2018 difficulty:hard losable maze puzzle size:large survival

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