RC's Tower Defense





RC's Tower Defense

Author R.C.
Date of release Final - May 5, 2016
.bsp filename rc_towerdefense


This map is heavily inspired by Nih's awesome turretfortress,
which got too easy for us and i decided to make this map.
It is way harder and has less random events, but more tactical options.

Additional Info

This map has some kind of noob protection:
Right teleporter leads the "noob room".
Left teleporter leads to the towerdefense area,
press E (Use) to get teleported.

1. General

16 waves of monsters are trying to pass the 4 sectors and reach the end.
Waves have at least 16 monsters. Monsters per wave and their HP increases
in later waves and higher difficulty.

There are 64 building spots, 16 in each sector.
Fill them with structures to prevent the monsters from reaching the end.

If more that 20 monsters reach the end of the map, you lose.

2. Buildings

You can build structures by spawning a box (costs credits) of its type and
pushing it onto a free building spot. You can demolish a structure by pressing
the button next to the spot.

2.1 Turret
Regular turret that shoots enemies. Weak but cheap.

2.2 Blue barrier
Earns you 0.05 credits for each monster passing it.
Very important, since its the only way of getting credits.

2.3 Green barrier
Does similar damage as the turret does, but will attack all
passing targets, no matter how many of them are there.

2.4 Yellow barrier
Teleports passing enemies back to their original spawnpoint.
What could that be useful for? Cooldown 60 seconds.

2.5 Red barrier
Instantly kills passing enemies. Cooldown 120 seconds.

Known Bugs

  • Monsters get rid of these traffic jammed with backward through the pathway.
  • Elevator Platform stuck by the func_pushable.

Additional credits

Special thanks goes to:

AlexCorruptor - for compiling the map several times
sub357 - for hosting a testserver several times



kalo22's edit & fix:


2016 co-oprequired community-edit defense difficulty:hard losable size:large

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