Author Frel
Date of release Beta 1.0 - September 11, 2019
.bsp filename sc_reactivist


It's been around 15 years since I last picked up Hammer and I was surprised to find Sven Coop still active and more recently developed into a standalone game! This dedication to the game inspired me to revisit SC_Activist and see what difference (if any) those years of experience might make (assuming I could still remember how to use Hammer); thus SC_Reactivist was born and is now progressed to a state where I feel comfortable posting the results for feedback, positive or otherwise. This is not a direct remake, more of a reimagining; the basic progression remains the same but I haven't felt tied by the original layout where I felt improvements could be made. Still, you shouldn't feel in unfamiliar territory.

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Areas of attempted improvement:

  • General architectural upgrade.
  • More 'realistic' layouts; I've tried to make the map feel more real, with fake corridors and dummy doors to give the impression that the map isn't simply a long corridor.
  • More debris and detail; posters, props etc.
  • A smattering of NPCs, generally in inaccessible areas to again add some life.
  • Increased use of props in general.
  • More ambient noise and env_sound usage.
  • My first foray into texture creation to produce some very basic signage to suit my particular needs.
  • I've 'borrowed' Hezus' excellent lighting sprites.

Expected issues:

  • Minor texture misalignments (it is a beta).
  • Minor clipping issue within a vent (jump to get passed, I'm at a loss as to the cause).
  • The cleansuit scientists twitch on completion of the repeated animation (advice here would be welcome).
  • I anticipate the automatic doors to break when used by multiple people, though this may not be the case.
  • Some models are yet to be amended to item_generics (so they'll bleed xen).
  • The lighting and general brightness of the map seems to vary between the two PCs I've been working on, so third party comments here would be welcome.
  • Following the initial outbreak an env_beam should be firing by the broken glass to indicate to the player not to enter; this isn't activating (it works if I toggle 'start on') so I've blocked it with a func_clip for now.
  • A cleansuit scientist scripted_sequence kicks out an error but otherwise works fine.
  • Some kind of sound precache error loops at the end of the map relating to a sound I'm not aware is even used.

Whether I ever get around to a recreation of sc_activist2 and 3 is another thing entirely but I'm personally pleased with the results thus far. In addition to incorporating any valid comments received from the still active community here, I intend to run back through the map and add more props and detailing where r_speeds will allow.

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2019 abandoned size:large walkthrough

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