Author michael-sisk
Original mod release November 11, 1999
Date of release Final (conversion) - April 2, 2021
.bsp filenames recon1, recon2, recon3, recon4, recon5, recon6, recon7, recon8, recon9


This level picks up after Aggregate Pain. If you played that level, you know that you escaped in a jet. Anyways, as you are flying back to your base, you receive new orders to head back to an adjacent part of the base. You are to find a satellite that the enemy has constructed and destroy it. As you'll soon find out, your flying skills are a little rusty. You end up crashing the jet and your bio-hazard suit is fried to a crisp. Don't worry though, you'll find a new one soon.

Additional info

Port of the small campaign, by request. You can find the original mod here.
Maps are very short and could use a merged version into 1 or 2 maps tops.

  • "This is my third level for Half-Life. My first two levels were Sepulcher and Aggregate Pain. The title "Recon" is short for "Reconnaissance." This is my best level yet. It weighs in at a hefty 10 megs unzipped, and takes about an hour to beat without cheating. I added a lot more variety as far as how the enemies attack you. They're not all just standing in front of you as in my previous levels. I would definitely recommend getting the lastest version of Half-Life before you play this. If you play this on an early version of Half-Life, it will be way too dark. Believe me, I've seen it. The level looks best on a TNT. For those of you who are going to review this level on your website, please e-mail me and let me know when the review will be up so I can check it out. And for all those who download it, please e-mail me and let me know what you thought of it." -Michael Sisk

Known bugs:

  • "A few minor things. I had a little trouble with the zombie scripted sequence." -Michael Sisk

Additional credits

  • Adam Grebinsky (F-15 prefab).
  • Revolver (PC prefab).
  • Gael chauvin aka "chickenpanzer" (guard Tower and glass tunnel prefab)
  • BlackRose (iris door prefab)
  • Hyperion Glint (toilet prefab)
  • Woof UK (jeep prefab)
  • Slasher (sniper rifle prefab)
  • Rize (David Trammell) from 3d Map Realm for giving me some advice before this final release.



1999 2021 conversion series size:large walkthrough

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