Red Death





Red Death

Author AlexCorruptor,Garompa,Outerbeast
Date of release Beta 2 - September 13, 2021
Beta 1 - January 28, 2020
.bsp filename reddeath


  • Storyline:

Fixing the Hopper would make no difference, the pilot Turrican was already possessed. Now the players reach the heart of the red dimension instead of returning to Earth and now the only way out is to defeat the entity controlling the red dimension, making it collapse and shoot out anyone trapped within. Or so that is the theory.
Defeat Nomble and the shadow people in a last epic final fight!

Additional info

To play the entire fixed/remastered SecretCity Saga you will have to start from the very first map: "secretcity". Download the entire series from the SecretCitySaga mappack

This map goes after Fracture and it was called "RedWorld" but was never released, the source file was lost, but… an alpha version existed once in Keen's and Turrican's hands and thanks to their memory (and a bit of Vorinc's and SV BOY's too) a placeholder map now takes its place trying to recreate at least a part of the idea about that map to give the entire series a closure.

NOTE: "miseryb6" and "resistance" also have something to do with secret city (since redmetal and shadow people appear), but nothing is officially known about those being connected to it and so were decided to be kept separate from this remastered saga/campaign, but are still retconned as some past adventures.

Additional credits

  • AlexCorruptor (mapping -adding subdivisions-, sounds, entities)
  • Garompa (models, sounds, entities, ripent)
  • Outerbeast (sounds, entities, ripent)
  • A1Win (skybox textures)



2020 arena boss crazy difficulty:hard horde remake/remade scary size:small weird work-in-progress

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