Rescue 9-1 Freeman
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Rescue 9-1 Freeman

Author Tyler Munden
Conversion Author Vaelastrasz
Date of release May 23, 2012
Date of conversion April 27, 2023
.bsp filename res (merged); "RES1", "RES2", "RES3" (original)


Your mission is to rescue an imprisoned scientist so that he may continue his research on Xen… there will be alot of obstacles in the way and you may have to use stealth to get to him because the base is completetly occupied by military.

this was originally created by Tylak (Tyler Munden)

Additional info

RES3 has a issue in ending cutscene
Do Not block npc path in the last part

This is my first Conversion in Sven Co-op !
if you have a glitch or bug something, please comment in here!

Additional credits

Original by Tyler Munden
Conversion by Vaelastrasz
Helper by Garompa, Zorik, WilliamPony

Conversion tester : Combine1912



2012 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:easy playable-solo size:small survival walkthrough

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