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Resident Evil: Covert Operations

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Author mrfranswa
Date of release Final - November 7, 2004
.bsp filename reco


Resident Evil: Covert Operations (RE:CO or RECO), is an indirect follow-up to Resident Evil: The Awakening. Expect even more spine-chilling zombie-whacking action, story-centric gameplay, and creative use of monster-replacement. Plenty of in-game cut-scenes, too.

You are members of HCF's elite retrieval squadron. Your mission? To break into rival corporations, steal their research, and eliminate any witnesses.

A more detailed background story is displayed at the start of the map.

Additional info

  • quakis has written a detailed walkthrough and review of RECO.
  • This is a total conversion, meaning pretty much everything (weapons, npcs, textures, sounds) is fully customized for an authentic RE experience—the map even comes with 26 custom RE player models to choose from!
  • RECO was the most downloaded map at Sven Co-op Central before the site closed, totaling 87,000+ downloads as of September 2011.
  • Preceded by Resident Evil: The Awakening.
  • Also available in the Resident Evil Map Pack.

Additional credits

Werewolf - (models, model textures)

Known bugs

  • Connecting to dedicated server running this map causes client to hang at "Processing maps/soundcache/reco.txt" (could be an isolated issue. Unfixable)
  • archvile may freeze when hes "escorting" you to escape door. Kill him in the same room where he spawns or run away to lobby as soon as gates go off, this will cause him to navigate to lobby without problems (unfixable due to game's AI)



2004 losable puzzle rcbot scary size:large total-conversion walkthrough zombies

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