Author Turrican
Date of release Test - ~2002
.bsp filename resistance


The Sven Co-op military facility is under attack by an unknown military force. You will be given instructions on your mission objectives!

Map tips: The revolver, crossbow and sniper rifle are somewhere in the facility. If you can find them, their blueprints will be recorded into the armory computer, and the weapons will spawn in the armory.

If you see a computer console, use it! You will be able to access security systems, or gain valuable information.

If you run low on health or ammo look around for a supply room. There are many around the facility, and have extra ammo and medkits, so you will not need to go back to the spawn armory.

Additional info

  • The original upload is a test version of the map which sadly has been abandoned. The first 2 or 3 missions can be played. Previously found here (forums don't exist anymore but an archive may be found somewhere):
  • A ripent fix has been made adding more missions, bug fixes and additions to complete the map with what little it could be completed with. The fix version enables this map to be played from start to finish without problems since it now has an ending.

Additional credits

  • Garompa (Garompa's edit and fix)
  • Outerbeast, AlexCorruptor (Garompa's edit and fix testing)


Garompa's edit and fix:


2002 abandoned community-edit size:medium walkthrough

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