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Author Theunicgold
Date of release Series 17 - November 18, 2023
Series 16 - December 7, 2022
Series 15 - October 7, 2022
Series 14 - June 29, 2022
Series 13 - May 19, 2022
Series 12 - April 13, 2022
Series 11 - March 23, 2022
Series 10 - March 1, 2022
Series 9 - February 11, 2022
Series 8 - January 31, 2022
Series 7 - January 17, 2022
Series 6 - December 25, 2021
Series 5c - December 13, 2021
Series 5b - December 6, 2021
Series 5a - December 2, 2021
Series 4 - September 2, 2021
Series 3 - July 5, 2021
Series 2 - May 24, 2021
Series 1 - May 10, 2021
.bsp filename Resurgence-* (17 maps)


Original description:
RESURGENCE is the first map of a new series in production. Largely inspired by work with my old SA13 17 map series for SC3.0, Resurgence is the following of Last Unic. I decide to rebuilt these maps for SC5.x.

  • Series-1-6:

The problem with the Cartel and associate is not solved, The Mundial Govnement give you the mission to stopped the transformation process of some bodies, locate somewhere in Middle East. In this map, you continue the adventure against The Cartel forces and associates ( Unknown ), they transfer some capabilities to another location with transporting train.

  • Series 7-8:

In this map you do climb into a ancient tower to acess at the flowing map not ready for instance. Your opponents are not too hard to kill but you have to be agile to take ladders and cunning to choising the good weapons to make your ascension good. In this map you have to do well with the sniper rifle in the first and open part, by the way, some new weapons and upgraded weapons help you in this water way map based by canal map from the Sa13 series.

  • Series 9-10:

In this map you have to fight hard. The Cartel try to give to the unknows some zombies in containers, The unknows want to transform them, and you have to stop any hostiles for a while. In the first part, you make it eazy to fight zombies blocked and containned. In the second part, you have to fight against Grunts and heavies vehicles, you need The RPG and sniper rifle weapons to do it well. Many ammos are availables during the maps and recharge and health chargers. In the last part of the map, you make your way, like a fox, to the teleporter which serves to transport the zombies's containers; you will find late, the Unknows models zombies. In maps that i have not making at this times.

  • Series 11:

In this map after a sewer tour, you have to eliminate all the hostiles in a tunnel, take the Arty mobile and crush some stupids Russians guys and giants zombies after clash the gate! Kill the last giant zombie to open the Electric Center Production. Find some powerful weapons before or not. Explode and interrompt the production with explosives in upstairs of the Center. Make your way in infected zone and take a bath to relax your body. Finalize your way to the next map ( not made at this time ) in eazy figthing by using the displacer weapon.

  • Series 12-13:

You start in a submerged mine and make your way to the final storage aera which is known as " zombies houses". You will finding an stockage zone for the Zombies, wich are destinated to modifications and more, better if you kill them all. But The Kartel and The Unknows have completed theirs forces and waiting for you.

  • Series 14:

In the start, your GRunts friends, give you a hand to fighting ShocksTroopers, after that you will destroy a tank and pitdrones on the rocks. In this rough challenge you have to penetrate in the basement, and free yours aliens buds. You discover the futur monster in adaptation phase, in gold cage, but for instance you cant eliminate him.

  • Series 15:

Yes you did it well, The Kartel and The Unknows can't make Borgs zombies again, because you have breaking the transport and production, at least. In the start you need to find the light…and don't forget to push any buttons you see. After that, pick up some weapons and make your way outside.

  • Series 16:

This is the last base of the humans menbers of the Kartel.

  • Series 17:

You will have to fight bosses and aliens as you progress.

The last boss is that of the map Resurgence-16, in the process of acclimatization and transfer to the planet, you must lock it up in order to make it inoperative.

Additional info

Original info:
You will find somes knowns textures froom SA13 and underways ways. With custom textures, custom sounds and customs models modified in skins and performances, Resurgence give you an hard solo campaign to do. You can also playing with many friend and, as well, try the Angel Script about RCbots but the waypoints are to be made.

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2021 2022 2023 egypt missing-models missing-textures needs-dl needs-fixing no-end non-linear remake/remade rubbish series size:large walkthrough war

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