Author Wolf-3D
Date of release August 29, 2013
.bsp filename sc_retrieval, sc_retrieval1, sc_retrieval2


Puzzle/Objective based game play with 6 levels of difficulty and map layout.

Please NOTE: All Maps are in Development, MAP 1 is 99% Complete, MAPS 2, 3 & 4 at approx 50-60%.

Levels 1 to 5 are Training Missions. Level 6 is the real "Mission".
Each Level Varies based on Player Equipment, Enemy Type, Strength & Quantity, Methods for Completing of Mission Objectives change slightly per Training Level. Lose Points are in effect (Example: Primary Orders are "Destroy SAM Site & Secure the LZ", Proceeding into the Main Complex, will result in a Court Marshal, if this is not been accomplished.)
Statistics, Success/Failure & Secrets Found are transferred across maps.

1 - Training exercise: Max Health = 450, Max Armor = 250, Learn Map Layout, Complete Mission Orders, Look for Secrets.
2 - Training exercise: Max Health = 255, Max Armor = 175, Note small changes to Messages & Item HUD's. Different Enemies.
3 - Training exercise: Max Health = 103, Max Armor = 120, Slight variance in Training Routine. Different Enemies.
4 - Training exercise: Max Health = 100, Max Armor = 100, Loose points start having an Impact.
5 - Training exercise: Max Health = 100, Max Armor = 100, Avoid Friendly Fire, you can now Kill Friendly Troops.
6 - Mission : Expect things to go wrong from the Start & Plans to Change as a Result. Avoid Friendly Fire as Friendly Troops can now also kill you. Try to Revive Dead Team Mates.

Additional info can be Found Here

Known Bugs:
MAP 1:
- LvL6 - Rappelling Engineer gets stuck in Vent (Temp Solution:Shoot him, if he is Blocking you.)
- Possible mis-counting for NPC's lead to "Map2 change level area".
- Possible that LvL 6 "Coma routine" will "Think" you are cheating and Gib you rather than returning player to map.
- Pod allocation iffy - Cryostasis Pod 21 know to Gib Players.

Maps 2 and 4 are NOT in included in the Zip/Archive as both are unstable at the Moment.

- Complete Map to map data & stats transfer routine.

MAP 2, 3 & 4 - Removed from zip, while "map to map" stats transfer is installed.

Additional credits

see sc_retrieval_credits.txt


see sc_retrieval_sysop.txt


2013 abandoned puzzle series size:large walkthrough

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