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Author Silencer
Date of release Revised 1 - July 23, 2016 (SC 5.05)
v1 - September 2, 2010 (SC4.5)
.bsp filename sc_robination_revised


In the chaos of the battle against zombies you lose your way and are now stuck up in some underground sewer. Survive the madness!

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  • For 2-8 players. 4 is recommended.
  • You only have one life.
  • Ledge-climbing is disabled.
  • If one player reaches a checkpoint, all dead players will be revived.
  • Pay attention to HUD messages.
  • Take turns in using the flashlight when it's dark.
  • Don't run into dark rooms alone like a berserker.
  • Don't waste ammo.
  • If time is short, don't waste it on zombies too much.
  • Crouch in front of other players so they can shoot past you at the enemy.
  • Be ready to heal teammates at any time.
  • Value your armor. It is very durable against all sorts of attacks.
  • Mind special items. They will be of use in the sequels.

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This map was replaced with sc_robination_revised with the release of Sven Co-op 5.05 on July 23, 2016. This version has observer mode implemented for players who die, whereas in the previous version anyone who died was trapped in the room at the start of the map and had to wait until a checkpoint was reached to respawn.

Players must work together to survive several time-limited and sometimes fast-paced scenarios. Those who die are placed in observer mode until someone reaches a checkpoint. At least one person must make it to the end of the map alive for players to win.


2010 co-oprequired difficulty:hard escape losable official official-screlease size:large svencoop4 zombies

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