Author Theunicgold
Date of release Final - June 2007
.bsp filename SA13_1 (+16 maps)


  • Garompa's remaster description:

Mercenary groups from all over are converging on a mysterious island at a very particular place, where bio-terrorists have joined forces with local secret military bases to create a toxin using Xen alien DNA that turns people into mutants! These thugs are bound to arm their SA13 missiles with it to transform the entire world. The reason why is unknown, but some dark ancient cult and the recent discovery of an old sarcophagus in the island's ruins must be related.

The Sven Co-op Institute must deploy their forces and ravage the island. You, the Sven Co-op team, must infiltrate past the enemy lines to sabotage the SA13 missiles and find the source of the problem to stop this madness! HQ will contact you via radio, and will send reinforcements when possible. The air assault will be under orders from Captain The Unic Gold Archangel, to assist after the sabotage is successful.

  • Original description:

In this massive, challenging 17 map series, the team has have to eliminate all of the human and alien enemies. The opposition has prepared many bases throughout the maps to improve their attack capabilities.

Additional info

  • Garompa's remaster info:

SA13 has now been updated by the community to deliver a more fair, balanced and bugfixed version. (SA13 Garompa's remaster) Now the mappack is at least playable and hopefully enjoyable!

  • Original info:

SA13 is made with high resolution custom textures, sounds, models and skins, as well as custom sprites.
This mapping project began back in 2006.
Rcbot waypoints provided.
Visit for more screensshots.

Additional credits

  • Theunicgold - (textures, models, skins, sounds, sprites)


Garompa's edit and fix (remaster):



2007 community-edit difficulty:hard egypt rcbot series size:large walkthrough war

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