Santa's Workshop





Santa's Workshop

Author rSnake, Andy
Date of release Final - Unknown
.bsp filename santas_workshop, santas_workshop_pt2


A puzzle map where players move from floor to floor in Santa's workshop solving various issues.

There is no combat in this map, it is purely puzzles and platforming.

All the puzzles in this map revolve around the concept of two teams - Green and Yellow. Each player is assigned to a team, and teams can only interact with coloured surfaces, buttons,
and doors which match their team colour. e.g. Yellow team members can walk on yellow floors, but not on green floors.

Your current team is displayed on your HUD on the left hand-side. Each player will also have an icon above their player model showing which team they are on.

You can switch to the Green or Yellow team by typing .green or .yellow respectively in chat.

Additional info

At least 3 players are required, though you will find it much easier with a fourth.

Originally a custom map for TFC. Differences to the original:

  • HD music sources. Different songs are used for those I could not find the original source for
  • Small changes to the text have been made, mostly spelling/grammar corrections
  • The crate flinging puzzles have been simplified with trigger_push brushes, to account for the differences in func_pushable physics between SC and TFC
  • Telefragging is disabled
  • The map is easier in general compared to TFC due to much more lenient player movement

Known issues:

  • The sleigh ride at the end breaks very easily if people block it

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Meryilla
Thanks to the S/v/en Co-op community for testing the port



2023 co-oprequired conversion difficulty:hard jumping puzzle size:medium tfc

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