Author rainman
Date of release Revised - 2016
.bsp filename saw_r3


Jigsaw: "Greetings and welcome. I trust that you are all wondering where you are. I can assure you that while your location is not important, what these walls offer for you is important. Salvation, if you earn it. Three hours from now the door to this house will open. Unfortunately, you only have 2 hours to live. Right now, you are breathing in a deadly nerve agent. You've been breathing it since you've arrived here. Those of you familiar with the Tokyo subway attacks will know its devastating effects on the human body. The only way to overcome it and walk out that door is to find an antidote. One is inside the safe in front of you. Let the game begin."

Additional info

Originally an escape map series for TFC so expect lots of platforming, puzzles which require coordinated teamwork, and no combat. At least 3 players are required to complete the map. The map is very loosely based on the 2nd film in the Saw franchise.

Recommended bindings

Some puzzles in the map require you to "throw" items relatively quickly. In TFC there was a key binding for this by default but there isn't in Sven Co-op. You can create one yourself (which is recommended) by running the below in your console:

bind <key> "dropitem *"

where <key> is the key you wish to bind to.

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Meryilla.
Thanks to Aqua-Sama, fuckface, grunt, shoo., sung1+, and Zorik for helping test the port.



2016 co-oprequired conversion difficulty:hard losable puzzle size:medium tfc

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