SC5X Bonus





SC5X Bonus

Author Kami, ported by AdamR
Date of release Final - 2004
.bsp filename sc5x_bonus



Hiders [Blue]:
Stay hidden for as long as you can. Don't get caught.

Seeker [Red]:
Find the hiders. Catch them. (By "tagging" them with your knife.)

The Captured Room:
When a hider is found and caught, they go to the Captured Room.
Once captured you cannot re-join the round unless another hider sets you free with the "Security Override" button.

Each round lasts 5 minutes before it resets.


  • To become a hider send ".hider" in the text chat or console.
  • To become a seeker send ".seeker" in the text chat or console.
  • By default you will be a hider when joining the game.
  • Only one player can be the seeker at a time, and will be taken away at each round reset.

There are two main areas beyond the subway, which are the Docks and the City. Access to these areas alternates each round.

General hiding tips

Keep moving.

  • Moving from one spot to another as often as possible decreases your chances of getting caught !
  • Try not to all stay bunched up for easy pickings.
  • Try not to get chased by a seeker directly. They can run faster than you, and will likely catch you. Be sneaky instead.

Use your imagination.

  • A lot of good hiding places can be found by good observation and some clever jumping.
  • You aren't limited to the obvious places. (E.g. many vent covers don't need to be broken to get into.)

You can "hang" from the ledges of exposed vents.

  • This allows you to "shimmy" to otherwise inaccessible places.

Shadows are your friend.

  • Several lights around the city can be turned off and on.
  • There are also many dark areas around the city.

Communicate carefully.

  • Text chat will ONLY be kept secret among hiders if you use the team say function. Bind something to `messagemode2` for that.
  • Voice chat will NEVER be kept secret among hiders. This can reveal your position.
  • Using "medic" and "take cover" can stupidly reveal your position.

Additional info

Originally a custom map for Team Fortress Classic.

Differences from original

To work well for Sven Co-op some minor tweaks have been made to the game play.

  • This map is based off the beta 2 release, as there never was a final, though both betas functioned very well. Beta 2 included:
      • Alternating the two main areas rather than both being open. (Two "RESTRICTED" fences in the subway are alternated.)
      • Only having one seeker instead of up to two, though the seeker count is dynamic as of release 1.1 according to the hider count.
  • Extra indicators/obstacles have been added (copied) where possible to show where particular not-so-obvious map limits are:
      • Visual indication when exiting the spawn area showing you if the docks or city is open.
      • Visual indication showing the captive hiders zone. (Seeker must not enter this.)
      • Four "RESTRICTED" fences in the subway where the absolute movements limits are.
      • Two "RESTRICTED" fences in the sewer at the corners.
      • Two barrels in the city car park next to the security booth sign.
      • Glowing red line along the floor of the city street limit.
      • Fence along the floor beside the large dock warehouse.
      • Pile of girders on one of the dock oil tanks, because you can't stand on it.
      • Pile of barrels at the base of a ladder for that same dock oil tank, because you can't climb it.
  • Sven Co-op's auto-climbing is permitted, making certain hiding spots easier to access without needing a boost.
  • Fall damage is basic. (Non-realistic.)
  • Third person views not permitted.
  • Players can switch between being a hider or seeker by saying ".hider" and ".seeker" respectively in the game text chat. When there is no seeker a highly visible message will appear to everyone about this.
  • Specifically for hiders:
      • You have no equipment at all. (Not even a crowbar or medkit.)
      • Releasing captured hiders can only be done once every 10 seconds instead of 4.
      • You are awarded a point for being outside of the capture zone at the end of the round. You must be fully outside the capture room and down the stairs. (Being ON the stairs does not count as being free.)
  • Specifically for seekers:
      • Equipped with only a knife, though it will kill (or "tag") in one hit. No ranged weapons.
      • You must leave your seeker spawn zone within 30 seconds of the round starting (door being open) or you'll be evicted from the seeker role.
      • Not permitted to release captured hiders. (Reduces unfair score farming/hoarding!)
      • Not permitted to enter the captured hiders zone, including the stairs up to it. Attempting to do this will kill the seeker.
      • To compensate for no ranged weapons and auto-climbing the seeker can move slightly faster than hiders. 360 units/second vs 270 units/second.

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Adam "Adambean" Reece.
Thanks to Zode for scripting tips.
Thanks to Gauna and Zode for testing the port and verifying bug fixes.



2004 city conversion fun jumping pvp size:medium tfc

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