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Scientist Guard 2

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Author Tuesday's Avenger
Date of release build30 - Final September 11, 2010
.bsp filename sciguard2


OBJECTIVE: Defend the 5 scientists for 15 minutes. At least one scientist must survive.

As some of you may know, I worked for quite a while on a project called SciGuard 2: a defense map requiring the players to defend 5 scientists against a horde of monsters. It was a lot of fun to work on, if probably a little overdone, and I had planned to release it sometime last year - until a total hard drive crash left me without any source files and no way to continue work without starting from scratch. However, thanks to the help of a friend of mine, I have one of the later (although not the final) builds of SciGuard 2, which is fully playable. It lacks a number of the features I wanted to add, but I'm still proud of what's there and I think it's a lot of fun to play. The map is provided as is - it has a number of glitches and missing features, and the design isn't finalized; however I still hope everyone will enjoy the map.

Fair warning: The r_speeds on this map are brutal. Comments / Suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind: I cannot update or change this map, and it is essentially a work-stuck-in-progress.

Additional info

  • The battlefield is broken into 3 major sectors - North, Central, and South - joined by teleport zones. You arrive in these teleporter zones from the spawn area.
  • Take the GREEN lit teleporter chambers to return to spawn.
  • Enemies will attack from the tunnels leading to the 3 main arenas.
  • Every few minutes a group of randomly selected High-Threat enemies will appear from a randomly selected tunnel. These foes will be much more dangerous and will likely require combined firepower to defeat.
  • Return to the spawn area to grab weapons, ammo, and health. Beware, the delay in resupplying can be costly.
  • HEV chargers are located in the North arena. Defend them!
  • You have 3 mobile sentries at your disposal; they can be moved like a pushable by walking up to them, then pressing and holding the "use" key.
  • Sentries can be repaired using the Wrench.
  • Beware of sentry lines of fire - they can harm scientists, allied NPCs, and other turrets.
  • Use the Medkit to heal injured scientists, other players, and allied NPCs.
  • You are assisted by Leonard and Geoffrey, a pair of tame Vortigaunts. They are more powerful than the average Vort, and can be a powerful asset. However, be sure to keep them healed! If they go down and you do not revive them, they are lost permanently.
  • Use the Medkit's revive feature to bring back fallen players; the time lost in respawning can cost you control of an area.
  • Scientist counters are located in several areas, and will display how many of the science officers are alive (green) or dead (red).
  • Scientists cannot be revived.
  • The South area teleporters do not work; this feature was not finished at the time of the crash.

Additional credits

Special thanks to CryoKeen for his support throughout the process of working on SG2, and thanks to everyone in the community who helped along the way.




2010 co-oprequired defense difficulty:hard horde losable rcbot size:small

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