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Version beta2 - October 21, 2023
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Thighmonster + friends


The Alien Slayer's Gamble
Last night, the player, Gordon, had been boasting to two scientists after a night of heavy drinking, claiming to be the ultimate alien killer. He was quite the show-off. The next day, as they were on their way to the cinema, they received a message: a horde of monster zombies was headed their way. Gordon, not wanting to appear weak, reassured the scientists that nothing would happen to them and that they could rely on him completely.
Little did he know, this would be the ultimate test of his bravado. The scientists, looking at him with a mix of hope and skepticism, followed his lead. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting eerie shadows across the deserted streets, Gordon led the way, determined to prove his claims right.

Map objective

Objective: Protect your two scientist friends during the 10 waves of zombie hordes!
Specials: Use Turrets, Sentries, Marines and Floor-trap for a short period (Cooldowns)
Specials#2: Most beautiful painting you have ever seen

Additional info

Additional credits

Wad credits: Half-life, Svencoop, dkbigoltexturepak2.wad, Natural Selection

models credits:
Models are from
Boss 1a: "Antonbro" (zombie Barney but scientist zombie)
Boss 1b: "Antonbro" (Zombie without wounds)
Boss 2a: "Cep}|{" (bullsquid)
Boss 2b: "Cep}|{" (squidie_blue)
Boss 3: "Cep}|{" (barnabusslave)
Boss 3b: "ТК ВИД" (gold chrome vortigaunt)
Boss 4: "MAM6A" (agruntf)
Boss 4b: "MAM6A" (agrunt02)
Boss 5: "Cep}|{" (barneyzombie)
Boss 6: "Cep}|{" (pit_drone)
Boss 7a: "Cep}|{" (pvrobo)
Boss 7b: "Cep}|{" (rvrobo)
Boss 8a: "Jendr" (Skeleton Gonome)
Boss 8b: "Cep}|{" (Archvile)
Boss 9: "MAM6A" (shockboss)
Boss 10a: "Cep}|{" (Voltorsnow)
Boss 10b: "Zhе_НоLTi" (HD Voltigore)

Changelog Beta version 2

*Added random starting point for explosive crates at the alien start
*Turrets Health set to 10000
*Removed Tor as final boss
*Added different monsters to the waves for more variaty
*Removed random floor tile removal for jumping down as a penalty. (It still teleports the player back in after 12 seconds)
*Adding starting zone trigger. When a player enters the circle the game begins with the chosen difficulty setting. If none is chosen, it starts with the difficulty setting for 1-2 players
*Limit the map to 6 players
*Added difficulty setting for 5-6 players
*Added difficulty setting for 3-4 players
*Added difficulty setting for 1-2 players
*Implemented another difficulty system
*Removed vote for difficulty setting
*Added Boss Unit per each wave
*Added different HP settings for Bosses per difficulty setting
*Implemented different Boss models (gamer-lab-models)
*Most wave bosses have 1-2 models which are chosen randomly
*Added teleporter env_fade
*Added teleporter teleport sounds
*Added teleporter noise sound


2023 beta boss defense horde losable size:small

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