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SCSkillz 2

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Author Zorbos
Date of release 2.0 - April 24, 2007
1.0 - April 19, 2007
.bsp filename scskillz2_v2


Your average skill map with a twist. Instead of trying to reach the end, you can have a "relay" race with other players. The map is split into two teams, each jump is exactly identical on both sides, and each team travels through the map in the same sequence of jumps. At the end of each jump there are two buttons that two players must press at the same time, which opens the portal to the next area. After a team reaches the end of the map, they will need to open a portal that once stepped-through will win the round for their team. After the round ends, the players are respawned at the beginning and it all starts over again…

Background story

Its been 6 hours since the resonance cascade and you and a group of scientists have been locked down in the deep levels of Black Mesa. The cascade caused the circuitry of all security doors to short out, causing a total lockdown of the facility. However, with the help of Barney Calhoun, a new power cell was placed in the Reactor Core, giving minimal power back to the scientists. With this power, they managed to open yet another portal. The new portal was very unstable and its destination was a racing course, instead of a Xen habitat. There was also room for two teams that could race to the finish. What was the use for this arena? This is where you come in…

Crossbow Jumping: Crouch down, then JUMP and SHOOT the ground at the SAME TIME.

Running Crossbow jump: Same thing as a regular xbow jump, except just duck at the end of your run and JUMP and SHOOT the ground.

RPG Jump: Same thing as the x-bow jump

Grenade Jump: You can either throw the grenade on the floor and jump when it explodes,
OR you can "cook" the grenade for about 3-4 seconds, then jump and let go of the grenade.
You should be able to clear a great distance using this method.

Additional info

  • The map is meant to have 2 people on each team, to balance out the game.

Additional credits

Dr. Huxtable
{Ls} Kami - (testing)
Lockdown - (mapping, testing)
Monkey Squad



2007 black-mesa difficulty:hard fun jumping race size:medium skills

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