Secret Garden





Secret Garden

Author Victor-933
Original map release February 21, 2019
Date of release March 7, 2023
.bsp filename secretgarden


Deep in the steamy jungles of the Congo, Great Dane continues the centuries-long tradition of brutally exploiting this war-torn African region for its mineral wealth.
Complex 374-2A was established with the help of a generous donation to the local Congolese warlord, who allotted the mining conglomerate a parcel of land deep within what is supposed to be protected Silverback Gorilla territory.
Great Dane, in typical fashion, isn't about to let a little thing like a few endangered species get in their way — there's gold in them hills!
Meanwhile, the ecoterrorist group Eden's Guard have taken particular exception to this latest affront by Great Dane, and have launched a clandestine assault on the mining complex to shut it down for good…

Additional info

  • This was originally a Half-Life Deathmatch level that can be found here

Additional credits

  • Wayne for the ripent conversion
  • RNG for the crate model stolen taken from IO




2019 2023 conversion difficulty:hard size:small survival walkthrough

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