SecretCity 4





SecretCity 4

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Author Turrican
Date of release Beta - January 3, 2006
.bsp filename secretcity4beta


After the heavily goal-oriented SecretCity 3, Turrican returned to a style which is more like a combination of the first two maps in the series. At first glance it may seem as if you are locked inside a small area of a building with very little to do, but a closer inspection will begin to reveal secrets everywhere, some just holes to hide in, others allow you to open new areas of the map.

Additional info

Turrican cannot add any more to this map because it has hit the entity limit. As with SecretCity 3, this resulted in a black wall at the end of the map.
Preceded by SecretCity 3. Followed by SecretCity 5.
All of the 'Secret Tiggers' must be found to unlock the rest of the map.
Finding all 'Super Secret Tiggers' will activate a bonus area.

Additional credits

  • Slidje - (New Textures)


2006 fun puzzle secrets size:medium traps

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