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Secret City Keen

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Author Turrican, Keen
Date of release Beta - April 4, 2008
.bsp filename secretcitykeen_beta


  • Original description:

Part 1 of a multi-part map series based loosely around the events of SecretCity 3. You and your teammates are exploring a seemingly abandoned complex. Although this map retains the SecretCity name and involves puzzles, it plays differently than normal SecretCity maps and has an ending.

  • Garompa's remaster description:

Turrican has explained that they used a ship fueled with redmetal (a strange red colored iron that seems to have life of its own) to reach places never reached before by mankind and find Cryokeen. But the entire city jumped with it in pieces to somewhere unknown, where laws of physics, space and time don't work the same way. And worse is that now they are being hunted by something.
Your mission is to find Turrican and help him fix this disaster before its too late.

Additional info

  • Original info:

A minimum of 2 players is required to complete the puzzles.
Sequels are planned and already in the works. The final version of SecretyCityKeen will target part 2 of the series as its next map.

  • Garompa's remaster info:

Did you know that the secret city series evolved to include a story and map endings? (or at least a vague idea from the author) which were reflected only on secret city keen and fracture maps? Before the author just up and left that is.
Well, now you know.

This new version of the map is ripented, so there is no version mismatch, and includes a map ending, objectives and a storyline.

The map is kept separate from the rest as intended by the mapper, so to play the entire "secret city campaign" you will have to play them in the next order:
secretcity > secretcity2 > secretcity3 > secretcity4beta > secretcity5beta > secretcity6b6 > secretcitykeen_beta > secretcitykeen_2_alpha > die > fracb1 >

die and fracb1 are actually also part of the secretcity series story.
The last map that goes after fracb1 (redworld.bsp) was never released, the rmf was lost, but an alpha version existed once in private hands and thanks to that a placeholder map now takes its place trying to recreate at least the last part of the adventure to give it closure.

NOTE: miseryb6 and resistance also have something to do with secret city (since redmetal and shadow people appear), but nothing is officially known about those being connected to it and so were decided to be kept separate from this "campaign" but nodded at as some past adventures.

Additional credits

  • Slidje
  • Kain
  • Burnout64
  • Adam W. Stiles - (skybox)
  • Garompa (Garompa's remaster, models)
  • SnappyCrunch (Garompa's remasterteleporter model)
  • Outerbeast (Garompa's remastertesting)
  • AlexCorruptor (Garompa's remastertesting)
  • SV BOY (Garompa's remastertesting)


Garompa's remaster:


2008 co-oprequired fun puzzle secrets size:large

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