Shitty PUBG





Shitty PUBG

Author incognico
Date of release Final - December 20, 2017
.bsp filename shitty_pubg


- The Last Man Standing wins, stay alive and kill the others
- Every spawn gets a slow vehicle, 9 fast vehicles are available in the center of the map
- Be careful with vehicles, they can smash you to death while driving (drive responsibly)
- The moving walls are going to kill you, don't even try to get pushed by them
- You have 2 armor points while holding the frying pan (use to your advantage)
- Weapons deal way less damage than in normal Sven Co-op
- After ~3 minutes only a small area is available and the players HP get reduced by 1 every 3.75 sec until they are dead
- At the end you can choose to vote to play another round

Also I've never played PUBG.

Additional info

Abandoned-at-release. This basically was a small TerrainGenerator/Hammer/AngelScript playground figuring out how to do things like cloning vehicles, placing stuff randomly and doing entitiy stuff in AS. I've decided to release it as with some players it can be fun for a short while. Also vehicles.
There is a check which ends the game if there are less than 2 players at map begin, if you want to play alone for whatever reason (driving around?) then remove lines 57 and 58 in the map script.
PvP in Sven Co-op only supports only up to X players so I've limited it to 12, the remaining players can only observe (which is fun too).

May it be used to have fun or as an inspiration / example to other mappers who actually can map good.

Additional credits

I shamelessly used the frying pan model from Uboa Rampage so credits to takedeppo.50cal for the model.




2017 abandoned co-oprequired fun func_vehicle pvp size:large

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