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Date of release April 2, 2024
Latest Update April 2, 2024
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Gordan was tricked into an drug indicated deep slumber. In his dream Black Mesa is reseaching on killing techniques for aliens and is granting credit to Gordan and his multiple personalities (other players) as a payment for killing the lifetakers and boss units, but also for farming the Helium-3 mines.


(inspired by warcraft III tower defense)
protect your 10 lives as long as possible!
Infinite monster waves spawn and 4 different lines of monsters are trying to take your lifes by crossing the so called lifeline. They are infinite and getting stronger each round, so it is just a question of time when all your 10 lives are being taken. The Gman is betting against you and all you can do is prolong your death as long as possible and set a new score, a HIGHSCORE, for staying alive longer then other players (highscore counter implemented).


Prevent the monsters to reach the lifeline. If a monster (called a lifetaker) crosses the lifeline, you lose one of your 10 lives (The wave monsters do not attack).
Every wave is getting tougher, due to more hitpoints, so you WILL die… eventually. The question is WHEN. (Timer is implemented)


CURRENCY SYSTEM - In your dream the players get team credit from Black Mesa for each monster they kill. They can use the money for activating and upgrading mines (to get more credit), buy weapons, activate different defense weapons like laser and crusher to kill the monster waves more efficently.


In your dream Black Mesa is using the knowledge gained by slaying so many nightmares to improve the technology level. These new tech levels unlock better weaponry, bigger amounts of ammunition that you can carry, the damage the players do and even the speed of the players.


READY ROOM - Set starting parameter for:
1) Monster starting Hitpoints (60, 80, [100], 120, 140, 160)
2) Credit (12800, 6400, [3200], 1600, 800, 400, 0)
Depending on your start setting there is a score multiplier calculated which adds or removes score points of the players. So a setting with low monster starting hp and a high amount of starting credit results in a lower multiplier than a high monster starting hp and a low amount of starting credit.


There is an infinite number of monster waves and you will lose at some points (because the monsters are getting stronger every wave).
Special: Gman is spawning per wave who has more Hitpoints spawning at a random lane. He vanishes after losing 50% of his health and comes back next wave with full hp.
Special#2: Every few waves monsters spawn that actually attack and can destroy the turrets in the core base.


Activating an mine increases the costs for activating other mines.
Upgrading the Speed of the minecarts or upgrading the amount a minecart can transport will raise the costs per upgrade.
Activating or upgrading a trap may result in higher costs for other traps.

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Additional credits

Credits textures: scifi1.wad and scifi2.wad were created by Philip Klevestav ( and
Other textures are from natural selection 1 or custom made

Gman-voice AI from the intro: generated at
Intro music:




2024 co-oprequired defense difficulty:easy horde size:small

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