Author Kirby
Date of release Beta 1 - October 13, 2014
.bsp filename snarkfest_beta1


Snarkfest is a fanmade remake of A1Win's original sc_snarks. Never heard of "sc_snarks"? No problem:

sc_snarks is an arena map where your only objetive is to survive as long as you can. Constant waves of snarks jumping down to the arena to make sure you will need to keep moving all the time. And your only weapon is a shotgun. It's original concept has remain the same, snarkfest has a few additions, one of them are the choise of 4 gamemodes:

Easy Mode:

For those who never played snarkfest or the original sc_snarks, a single 3 minute wave to get the feeling of the map. Nothing special here, just to get stated. Players who die on this mode will spawn on the sky and have to wait until the mode ends, game ends if everyone dies off.

Action Mode:

If running away from snarks is boring for you, this is the remedy. Instead of just attemping to survive, you and your teammates must destroy the snark nest's to extend time and keep going. Beware, this comes along with unique modifiers that alter completly the gameplay and they come up randomly as you advance though levels. Unlike other gamemodes, completing a level will respawn all players who have died. Game ends if everyone dies off or if the time runs out.

Master Mode:

The classic sc_snarks you already know, now remasterized (theorically). If you've played the original snarks, this mode is no different (with the exception of more doors). You must attempt to survive the highest time as you can, starts easy but difficulty increases every 2 minutes. At the end you will be shown your grade, with represents how well you did. The more time you managed to survive, the higher the grade gets. Players who die on this mode will spawn on the sky and have to wait, but to prevent waiting players from getting bored, the game will end sooner based on how many players died.

Survival Mode:

Ridiculous difficulty for ridiculous people. If you are sadistic and want to watch others die in mere seconds, this should fit it's purpose. Many snarks, no breaks, no supplies.

Additional info

  • Completly inspired on A1Win's original sc_snarks
  • Has tetris music, because I CAN
  • Grade Recognition System
  • It has a secret cabin, on it if correct codes are input, it will allow to modify the gameplay or to unlock additional gamemodes (On a future release…)

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Beta 1

- First public release


2014 abandoned horde size:small

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