Space Prisoner





Space Prisoner

Date of release Final - July 21, 2003
Conversion March 27, 2022
.bsp filename spaceprisoner, spaceprisoner2


After the events at Mars, your team must help take back the Viking ship to be able to prepare a counter assault on Merkwürdiglust and Boderman. You are teleported directly into the prison, now used as a weapons storage by Boderman's henchmen.

Additional info

Conversion and ripent of the original map addon for Half-Life, found here: RTSL, and here: MODDB

Maps were merged as far as the engine could withstand it, reducing the number of maps to just 2.
Modifications took place to make the maps work better with co-op such as weapon progression, advancing spawnpoints, more enemies, etc. Several bugs were fixed that existed due to poor mapping choices. And gameplay was spiced up with addition of custom content (original mod had very few enemies and was dull).

This conversion takes place after the events of Zubben(merged version) and Exodus2. And is an unofficial prequel to Fortified. As for the references, all of the events in the map are supposed to be happening in the past.

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2003 2022 community-edit conversion difficulty:easy prison size:small space tfc walkthrough

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