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Author Sven Viking
Date of release Final - December 16, 2000 (SC 1.9)
v2 - July 7, 2000 (SC 1.3)
v1 - July 16, 1999 (SC 1.2)
.bsp filename stadium1


The first stadium map. There are a few notable characteristics of this map:

- Due to this being made in an early version of Sven Co-op, there are only standard HL1 monsters, and no friendly versions.
- Unlimited monster spawning is allowed
- No water button

Author's description:

General Info:

The Stadium map allows you to spawn virtually any Half-Life creatures
and watch them kill each other. You can help one side by using the
Gauss Gun, or by teleporting into the arena itself.

It's great in single-player, but you can also play co-operatively with
your friends. You could make bets on which monsters will survive, or
one could spawn monsters while the others are in the arena, or
whatever. The possibilities are endless (generally :) ).

Other Stuff:

BTW, I know the map doesn't have fancy architecture or anything, the
architecture needs to be as simple as possible so you can have lots of
monsters on the screen at once without things slowing down too much.

Also, there are a couple of minor bugs that I know of (e.g. the
"Destroy All" button often won't destroy everything), but as far as I
know they're all problems with the Half-Life engine, so can't do
anything about them. The only one that's more than slightly annoying
is that if an Apache crashes onto a monster, it keeps "falling" in
place until the monster moves or dies (or the falling times out, which
takes about 20 seconds).




1999 creepsworld-top50 fun official official-screlease size:small

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