Stalk Lab





Stalk Lab

Author Machine
Conversion Metro28
Date of release Beta 1 - March 5, 2024
.bsp filename sc_stalklab_b1


After the Black Mesa incident, a private scientific group acquired an extremely strange and unique Chumtoad. The mission is simple: rescue that specimen. However, the lab is infested with aliens, and it seems that the military has infiltrated as well. Another scientific group sent some of its scientists to rescue the specimen.

Additional info

sc_stalklab is a modification of stalklab, originally designed for HLDM. The map "stalklab" was created by Machine and converted to Sven Co-op by me.

All of this started as a test map for Sven Co-op but ended up going public. The original map was created in 2022-2023; I don't remember exactly. I began this modification on January 1, 2024, and every day, I made some changes.

Additional credits

  • Machine: Creator of the original HLDM map
  • Mauro Kiecak and Nocturnal: Ideas, Beta Testers
  • Batter Prime: Additional help
  • Shard Hellish: Additional help with tutorials that were very useful
  • Giegue: Much help (entities, scripts, etc.)
  • Snk.EmA: Much help with some ideas and fixes
  • 'Yami No Game': YouTuber who made several tutorials that were very helpful
  • Half-Life Dev: YouTuber who made several tutorials that helped me
  • Svenmanor: Great help with entity information
  • Rimrook, SV BOY, and Trempler: Prefabs (some modified by me)
  • TWHL Members: Help with entities
  • The creators of jp_dev.wad, nw.wad and nw_xeno.wad

Known bugs

Because I'm not a professional mapper, this map might have some problems, whether aesthetic or serious. I decided to release this as beta because it's known that it's not finished yet. Although the map was tested by several people, a bug could still appear.




2024 conversion difficulty:hard size:medium walkthrough

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