STFU And Climb





STFU And Climb

Author waTchouT
Date of release Final - 2005
.bsp filename stfu_and_climb


stfu_and_climb by waTchouT

just climb nub and stop reading this, noone else does

thanks to everyone at [FM] and jolt for the ideas and suggestions

Thanks to Matt-MPG, 8-ball, Orange-Soda, Crev and some random people who join the server while we tested the first beta
Also thanks to flump and LordDefendA for testing the final thing on flumps pinkage server lol
o and mysTheAvatar for the mapname ;)

Additional info

A climb map from TFC that was reasonably popular back in the day. Not tremendously hard by modern standards, probably on par with The Climb difficulty-wise.

The first few players to reach the top can pick up an item which will give them near infinite HP. There is also a secret item which will lower your gravity, can you find it?

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Meryilla.
Observer script by Adambean.



2005 2023 conversion difficulty:hard jumping size:small skills tfc

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