Strike Back





Strike Back

Author Mutant
Date of release beta3 - 2006
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» Rescue the scientist within the time limit, before Black Operatives get him.

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Trapped, alone and afraid, your team down to a fifth of its previous strength and the soldiers getting ever closer, you glance round in the vain hope of finding a door with a reassuring 'Exit' sign above it, though as you hopelessly expected, no door was available. Momentary amnesia requires you to navigate through events so far, to piece together again what on earth just happened.

You remember hearing the announcement to 'Pull back' by the military, and the realisation with your comrades that you stand no chance of reaching any of the evacuation zones in time. And so, building up where you are, you hope, against hope, for the best.

A few days pass, and you see yourself in the same place, except this time feeling more positive than you ever have. In fact, feeling positively joyful. The radio had crackled to life again, and a quivering voice had called for help. And so the scientist entered our story. He was alone and afraid, near our position, trapped within Black Mesa by the zombified remains of his colleagues. He knew a way out, but needed some soldiers to help. Our Commanding Officer agreed. And the dreams of a homecoming seemed possible again.

But it was a forlorn hope. The Black Operatives caught our message, and plotted our demise. And so as we followed the scientist's instructions, they launched their ambush in our path. Surrounded. Fired On. Screaming. Panicking. Within a few seconds the dreams of home and family were torn by bullets and blood. Only a few escaped the scything bullets to retreat to our stronghold. The Commanding Officer, leading from the front, hadn't managed to escape the assassins' bullet, casting him in darkness and our future in disarray. Low ammunition. No supplies. Few gunners. No Leadership. And little time until the Black Operatives caught the scientist, the situation would indeed appear hopeless…

However, as the morale of Half-Life itself shows, trapped and desperate men can be the most dangerous and resourceful. As the assassins race to surround your position, memories of massacre and butchery are aroused all the more powerfully in your team; Dreams of home, food and family are kept alive, and the Commanding Officer's memory is not forgotten.

The soldiers are urging for revenge. It’s time for the strike back to begin.

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2006 rescue size:medium walkthrough

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