Super Monkey Ball





Super Monkey Ball

Author Ace
Date of release August 2, 2004
.bsp filename supermonkeyball


This map designed for Half-life: TFC Multiplayer

Fun style map with 16 areas. Try to get to goal of each stage as the civilian without falling off the stages. There may be hidden warps to help skip a few stages but your have to find them yourself. You don't return to start if u fall in levels. You start in the one you were in.

At the end, your appear in a room with a working stargate from the hit tv show Stargate SG1. Travels to a fun areas, and areas 5, 9, and 13 in the level. Each with it's own dialing symbol coordinates. Fun room has 4 radios each playing a song. 5th to turn off/on overworld music and a comp. to turn on a tp that leads to start and stays on until turned back off. it's 2-way. You can help someone get to fun area this way if their having trouble with map. Also a maze with extras at end. Enjoy.

Additional info

Took about 1 month but would have been quicker. Work kinda drains my free time nowadays.

The map has no ending.

Additional credits

moc.liamtoh|iase_ekim#moc.liamtoh|iase_ekim -
For his stargate. He created part of what u see in my map. His stargate was always on, so it always had water animation/warp. I had to edit it so it turned on and then after all 7 light up, gate opens and teleport now works. and it all turns off after 10 secs and resets. and i did this for 4 locations. So it was very complicated. Many changes made to get it to what u see in the map. But i wouldn't have even done it without what he had started with his. His gate turned, but it just didn't look right and some lights didn't turn on, and timing issues with wheel turning. so i turned that off. looks better anyways.

The warehouse that houses the stargate was also a prefab. Author is:

The club was a prefab as well. Yea, i'm lazy, so what. :)
I took a few things out that weren't needed to lower poly count and make the area good. His bio is seen at

The bathroom for club was straight from the n64 game Goldeneye. prefab done by:
[OzoN] Stone Cold - with changes done by me.

Maze done by guy here (though edited by me):

Also the guys of [oR] For helping playtest map.



2004 community-edit conversion fun size:medium tfc

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