Sven Coop Adventure





Sven Coop Adventure

Author brigadiero7
Date of release Final - 6 April 2002
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STRADEGY GUIDE (fixed some grammar but gave up)
This map is confusing. i suggest you look for secrets or this map will be VERY hard without them. But there are errors with the secrets.

BEGINNING: Kill headcrabs and activate the eye scanners to open the door with a teammate, then take the portal.

LEVEL 1: We end up at an area with a train. See the light behind the train? shoot it- DO NOT CROWBAR IT (if you crowbar it, the shotgun inside will fall on you and will cause an error). now, we are at least armed. Get on the train and continue. You come to your first gate. Look out the left side and you will see a darkened opening. Go inside and up the stairs and hit the keyboard (you need to aim down more than you think). The gate will open up. Now keep going and you come to your second stop. Hit both eyescanners to open it up (kill all grunts before continuing because they get the train stuck). Keep going, and you have to face a ot of marines. After you kill them all, keep going. there are two buttons. one that lets you enter the next level, and the other that lets you kill the last boss. hit both, the fuel will go on, and you should hear a buzz. Now return to the outside.

LEVEL 2 (part 1): You should notice that you can now see 2 buttons- get your friend to help you out again as we enter the caves. When we first enter, there's a zombie. As we continue, there will be various enemies. finally, after feeling cramped, you will reach a pit full of deadly goo. Look for the button on the side. Hit it. Something should have happened outside.

LEVEL 3 (part 1): Now that gaint wall blocking our way is gone. Get your friend again to help you out. this area requires a bit of teamwork. Once you get in, there are alot of assassins. Go over to the large switch and start pulling, and you will notice the car lift goes up. Have your friend jump on it and as he enters the vents rush over to the window, so you can see what happens to the assassin (lol, i think that is so funny..well…if you have a friend playing. yes, of course, this is my most detailed area (short because of it). Also, your stupid friend is going to fiddle with the coke machine. ok, so he hits the
exit button…nothing happens. Instead, make him hit the button on the wall with the vents. this opens up the door you need. Well, for payback, let's not let him out of the security room (if you really want to, go over to it and hit the button…but he deserves it). Hit the button (on the wall near the……) what happens? nothing. Pick up the jumpsuit and leave. go back out side and enter the caves.

LEVEL 2 (part 2): ok, so now, you need to jump over the (I CAN SAY IT AGAIN!) goo, and keep going. dont let the stupid alien slave hurt you though. and we come to our second boss. alot of alien grunts. i really hope you have a better weapon by now. once they are dead, there are two buttons in the room. one activates the button in level 3, the other activates the oxygen. so, back to the warehouse we go.

LEVEL 3 (part 2): ok, now it is much easier (as YOU may think. hit the button that doesnt work. now it works, and the…goo…goes into the other room. arrange the barrelsso they are lined up RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER on the opposite side of COOLANT ECHANGE. thisway, when you longjump, you wont melt in the…goo… raise the…goo…into the room, wait a few seconds and the barrels come into veiw. longjump onto them (you wont die, because you lined them up). after fighting more assassins, you can arrange the boxes. grab the one moveable box that clearly says EXPLOSIVE and DO NOT STACK…now lets think of what to do with it. if its an explosive, and doesnt want to be stacked, what do you think you gotta do with it (only stupid people wont get that one right)? so, the wall has broken, few more assassins, and (yes you can play with the computer, but it doesnt do anything…just highlights the numbers next to it in red). hit the other button, and the saftey hood is now on. lets go outside and see if anything happened.

LEVEL 4: hmm…nothing. lets return to where we started. if you havent noticed, the gate way to the last level has been open the entire time- but you cant do anything except turn the power on. so lets go do that. its very dark, so turn on your flashlight. UHH OHH! ITS SOME TENTICLES…NOT ONLY THAT, BUT ITS DARK! so jump down, and run right. go up the ladder and turn the power on. now you can see somewhat. Now, jump down and now you can see the area (to your right i belive). now go up that ladder. now notice how each one is ON. well, lets test fire it. text should come up that says "THE SHELL HAS BROKEN! KILL IT NOW" or something like that.. now what do you shoot? well, there should be some wierd thing in the center of the tentacles. stay where you are and shoot it. once it has been broken, YOU WIN!

you might now have notied it, but Eraft is in a small cage (from when you first jump down) to the foward right corner

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2002 co-oprequired size:medium walkthrough

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