Sven Operatives





Sven Operatives

Author Ozku
Date of release Final - 2007
.bsp filename sc_operatives1


You are part of group called "Sven operatives". This is your first mission.

A few days ago, scientist at facality called "Universality" were able to open portal to an alien dimension.After government heard about this, they decided to kill all aliens and conquer this dimension for humans.However, aliens quickly attacked and invaded the facality. You were ordered to help military kill all allaliens from the facality.

When you arrived, you learned why aliens attacked, so you refused to help military. They didn't like this and now you are locked in a warehouse area without any weapons, waiting for being killed by aliens or military. You have no other choice than fight your way out. If that fails, you have to find radio and ask for help.

Additional info

mapper: Ozku "Orava"

If you are stuck, here are hints how to move on.

Q: I am at first room and I can go anywhere!
A: You need to work together with your team, there is a pipewrench inside that container
ans you must get it.

Q: Ok, there is a big pool of toxic and I cannot find any way to move on.
A: You must find a keycard hidden somewhere in that room.

Q: There is this big storage area and I cant find any way to go.
A: You must jump from container to container to find way out, there is however barricade which blocks your way
You need explosives to break it, there are some explosives hidden inside one of those containers.

Q: Ok, I came into a room where I shot some respawning grunts, and now I find myself at dead end!
A: You must destroy the generator (that thing at center of the room). After you have done this,
toxic pool, which you saw earlier, will drain and you can go there.

If you want to give me feedback about this map, send me a pm at svencoop forums,
I am using Ozku as my nick.

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2007 size:medium walkthrough

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