Author GreenTea MiaoMiaoLe,
Date of release July 25, 2022
.bsp filename svencontra2_1a, svencontra2_1b, svencontra2_2a, svencontra2_2b


G-man controlled an abandoned military island for the research of alien and some tactical weapons, and deployed heavy troops throughout the island. This island has the characteristics of passing through time faster than the outside world. This may be conducive to the expansion speed of the alien lair on the island.
All our vanguard troops have lost contact, and now it is up to you to attack.

Additional info

This is a new story and new maps with the theme of SuperContra in SvenCo-op.
The texture of the map does not use the 8ibt texture in the original game, but uses some new textures to make the map look like a brand new style.
Me and Dr. abc completed the production of this map together. Dr. abc is responsible for the writing of the As script for the entire map. This makes the shooting of weapons and the style of props in the map more similar to the effect of the original game.

GreenTea MiaoMiaoLe:
The production of the entire map is not as simple as I thought at first. In the process of making stage1 and stage2 maps of SvenContra, it is necessary to take into account the structure of the horizontal plane picture and the top plane picture of the two levels in the original game at the same time, and finally present it in the form of 3D space. This will make some objects and buildings that did not exist in the original game need to be added. So I redesigned the process of the entire map, the deployment of the enemy, the location of the trap, and the shape of the enemy boss. I hope you enjoy this map.
This is a plugin which assuming to implement those what a map-campanion plugin
should be done for the map those should be run in a standard game library use and try to keep the mapwhich this plugin companion with maintain a acceptable working status with indefinite period.

Script repository

Additional credits

-Recommended for 2-6 players to playing this map.
-You can use some pits or walls to find cover and shoot those turrets without take damage.

Map scripts by
Model tweaks by goodman3
Playtest:, G4Yd0N, goodman3, BWendressRyu, Haibara Ai, hzqst, Mr.jodan, M0N5T3R_null, Pinkhair_nerner, Prelina, vVmoneyVv




2022 difficulty:hard recreation size:medium survival walkthrough

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