Tb Mesa Gold





Tb Mesa Gold

Author TheBard
Date of release Beta - February , 2008
.bsp filename tb_MesaGold tb_mesa2gold tb_mesa3gold tb_mesa4gold tb_mesa5gold tb_mesa6gold (tb_mesa7gold (WIP))


Incoming transmission.
Good morning commander hope you’re well rested.
I'll get straight to the point.
A hostile terrorist force have taken control
of part of the Black mesa facility.
They are demanding 10 Mil or they’ll launch a nuke.
We have no idea if they have the capacity to launch or not.
Your mission is to go in assess the situation
and remove this terrorist group with extreme force.
Weapons are O.S.P. as always.
More Intel to follow….

Additional info

The tb mesa series was first started back in 2005 as a single map. (tb_mesa)
Then it expanded into a series in 2006. (tb_mesa1 to tb_mesa6)
Then in 2007 the first part was rebuild from scratch to match with the rest of the series better. (tb_mesa1r)
For some strange reason it got popular (Don't ask me !)
So in 2008 i started re-building the entire series from scratch (tb_mesaGold to tb_mesa7Gold (1extra part))
and someday i might even finish it……..

Additional credits


Lack of sleep bugs (as i call them)

stupid thing that happened during making of series:

Lift tubes that shot you up so fast you splatted when you hit the top!
Enemy robots that jumped of a cliff.
Clock that ticked backwards (kept that one).
Containers that floated though the air!
Invisable headcrabs.
F16 flying backwards!!
Train sinking downwards instead of going forwards!
Flying ickys.
Train going sideways down the track!
Hele rotor taking of without helecopter.
& finaly the break-dancing miltairy truck (dont ask!!!).


2008 black-mesa series size:large walkthrough

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