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TB Zombie13

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Author TheBard
Date of release v1 - October 13, 2006
.bsp filename tb_zombietown, tb_zombiesewer, tb_zombielab, tb_zombiebase


TB Zombie13 is a map series made for Friday the 13th in October of 2006. Although there are 4 maps in the series, you only have to play 3 of them to complete it. Depending on which way you go and what you do in the first map, it will send you on to one of two maps, both of which will send you on to the last map to finish the mission.

Here's a breakdown of each map in the series:

Set as a continuation to the story of TB Mesa. Contact has been lost with a local research town trying to figure out new ways to combat the alien invasion. Your team is to go in and find out what happened. A military unit has already gone in, and they too have vanished. You're the Top brass's last hope, short of a small tactical nuke!

You've gone down too far and ended up in the sewers beneath the town. While you're down here you may as well restore the power, then try to find a way back up to the research base.

You've made it down as far as the labs. First thing to do is get the blast doors open, then destroy the computer cores. Don't worry, all the info we need is stored on the main hard drive in the research base.

You've reached the main base. Find that main hard drive and get out of there. The Top brass have decide to cleanse the area with a nuke anyway, so you have limited time.

Additional info

  • Maximum recommended players: 16-20. Minimum: 2.
  • The series got rushed in the end in order to get it out for Friday the 13th.

Additional credits

SnarkCafe - (testing)
from all over - (textures)


  • First map was originally 4 times the size, but it had to be cut down due to deadline.


2006 city series size:large walkthrough zombies

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