Classic Dawn





Classic Dawn

Author Febbs!
Date of release January 16, 2021
.bsp filename tdm_classicdawn


A Little Team-Deathmatch map collaboration with I-ka. and one of my first maps in Sven co-op.
The small project started when I-ka was still working on the early development of Frostline, and he was teaching some users on certain topics in mapping, I asked him if it was possible to do deathmatch in Sven, he answered with yes and no accompanied with "it's possible to have free-for-all but it's still strictly limited. However team deathmatch is possible, especially following after 5.23 update." After, he decided to create a simple TDM template. Then I started having fun.
And there begins the development of my first map.

Ika was the one who made the Template, the Rune System, the Lobby and also the one who optimized the map for me. (Since I suck at it.) So a Big thanks to him along with the Sven Co-op Fistbump Discord Server.

NOTE: This is version 2.0 of the map. The old version is still up on gamebanana (v1.0 OBSOLETE)

Additional info

Super duper extra special thanks to I-ka and Fistbump for letting me put the map in their server first for some small testing and for being the first server to host my first map also to some cool guys and gal in the server aswell.

Additional credits

I-ka - Optimization, Extra Level design, modelling and texturing, Generally a big help.


v 2.0

  • Few new areas to explore
  • Added own playermodels for each team (Only within the arena)
  • BGM for Lobby and Arena (Can be lowered or muted)
  • Added a Lobby for people to get ready before they start the game. Also the selection of goal-limits.
  • Shockroach and Snarks are removed due to some broken features
  • Removed the Flashlight [F] feature
  • Building now extended to reduce rendering far areas
  • Tweaked the Skill Config for weapon balancing
  • Some weapons and ammunition are rescattered
  • Relocated some Runes and chargers
  • Changed a few sound effects
  • Added a few more obstacles to hide behind and making it a bit tight to fight in
  • Lighting fixes


2021 fun pvp size:medium

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