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Author Hezus, BMT, Penguin, Fortune2, Amckern, Koelzk, PD-KC, The-Real-Game, Dan200, eMTeG, Aurora, The_6th_monkey, Morgan, al_peggio, Nih
Date of release v2 - February 9, 2015
v1 - December 24, 2009
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The Community Map Project
The project was originally started in December 2002, and it might even be argued that the project is older than that. Long-gone forum poster OmEgA came up with the idea of a joint mapping project, where multiple mappers would collaborate in the creation of one large mappack. The project quickly gained interest from a lot of people, and it ended up involving a total of 15 different mappers, 8 of which have had previous maps included in official SC releases. Work on the mappack, dubbed the Community Map Project, fluctuated, with periods of low and high progress, and the project was frequently declared to be dead, only to later be revived.

Black Mesa Accident + 15 hours
You and some of the other Black Mesa Staff have survived the sudden accident that opened a portal to an alien world. Driven back by the alien orces, they find themselves trapped in a sub-underground storage facility. With every alien attack the survivers lose more ammo and some of their friends. The survivors agree to take their chances and break out of the facility. They want to reach the surface as soon as possible, not knowing that the military has already taken control of a large part of the facility.

Black Mesa Accident + 19 hours
Slowly the army has taken control over nearly all parts of the station. The survivors plan is to break through into an old abandoned communication outpost, without getting the army's attention. The situation looks even more desperate, because their only hope lies on an old communication server, which they will need to turn on again and send an emergency signal to the outside world.

Black Mesa Accident + 21 hours
The survivors of the Communications Array Onslaught have escaped through a tunnel passage opened by the explosion of the large communications computer. They have found themselves in the Sector H Parking Garage located very close to the surface, but very far from the outside world and its safety. Escaping the Communications Tower was only a small portion of the path that these strong-willed men and women must walk to escape the bowels of the Black Mesa Research Facility. Will they make it, who knows. Their fates now lie in the comrades they have gained through their adventures.

Black Mesa Accident + 24 hours
Reaching the surface wasn't a ticket towards freedom, the survivors of Black Mesa only got deeper into the alien-infested or military controller area's. Black Mesa has always been a classified government project, there wasn't an easy way to get into it so it didn't amaze the survivers that there wasn't an easy way out either. The waiting is for a good opportunity to either capture an enemy vehicle and get out of harms way for good. Before them lies a new complex, from wich they know that it will hold many dangers. Although there is no way around those, they have to fight through.

Black Mesa Accident + 30 hours
Fighting through the sewers and office complexes didn't leave the team without a scratch. Ammo is running low, some teammates were severly injured. Despite this their spirits were still up to fight through whatever lies ahead of them. The surroundings indicate that they were coming closer to the outskirts of the Black Mesa complex. No-one of the former staff has ever imagined that it would be so big. Hopefully there is a way out at the end of this all.

Black Mesa Accident + 33 hours
While the mission to aquire an enemy vehicle was successfull, the total outcome was a disaster. After succesfully fighting off an enemy tank, the APC was blown to bits by mortar fire near an enemy outpost. After more intense fighting with hostile forces the team now find themselves on the outskirts of the Black Mesa Complex.
New dangers await them there.

Black Mesa Accident + 39 hours
After a long crawl through a ventilation system, the rag-tag group of survivors catches a glimpse of hope ahead. One of the survivors claims to have worked in this area of Black Mesa about a year ago, before being transferred to a different sector. Apparently there's supposed to be a heli-pad nearby. Escape may finally be close at hand.

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2009 black-mesa escape losable series size:large walkthrough

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