The Winery





The Winery

Author tdw
Date of release Final - March 29, 2003
.bsp filename thewinery


Yesterday a three man team was sent to retrieve computer data from a local facility. They were to report in this morning but there has been no word from them yet. We are sending your team to find them and retrieve the computer data. With help from a security guard we were able to locate an unguarded entrance to the facility. You will be transported by truck to this entrance. Once inside you must make it to the main office and upload the computer data to our database.

Upon arrival, things didn't go as smoothly as planned. We were ambushed at the entrance and barley made it inside. Weapons are depleted and things are looking…

Additional info

  • Buttons at the start of map allow players to choose either single-player or co-op mode.
  • The included thewinery.txt contains a detailed map walkthrough.

Additional credits

  • tdw (Original version)
  • Garompa (Garompa's edit and fix version)


Garompa's edit and fix:

enuze' edit & fix:


2003 co-oprequired community-edit size:medium walkthrough

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