They Live Chungo
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They Live Chungo

Author who_is_naven_r_johnson
Date of release Final - April 20, 2000 Conversion - October 18, 2021
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Conversion of the mod They Live or Chungo (more info in Additional Info), ported as an unofficial continuation of Delta Return where you must find the captive Sven Viking before it is too late while the alien invasion from the portal storms rages on and is getting worse.

Additional info

This is a pre release for my level They Live. The experience is far from finished, there is still much to add. The storyline isn’t all the way developed but basically your are Gordon Freeman, an expert in the science of teleportation. The lambda lab requires your expertise on some upcoming tests. Obviously all hell breaks loose and you must stop it.

The mods They Live and Chungo were released by the same author and are exactly the same files. Perhaps the author uploaded his pre release, but wrongly uploaded it again with another name as if it was the full mod. Anyways, the full version never existed. This is all there is.

This conversion has been enhanced for co-op play with a few additions. You can consider it a ripent, since the original mod was void of challenges or anything interesting some liberties were taken.

Known issues

A few doors have inverted textures. Not fixable without a recompile, but doesn't affect gameplay.

Additional credits



2000 2021 conversion scary size:medium walkthrough

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